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Woodrow Wilson General Hospital in Fishersville on March 31, 1946 Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center - Today Commissioner James Rothrock and Governor Terry Mcauliffe at WWRC

How Wilson Memorial High School came to be

The last patient left the Woodrow Wilson General Hospital in Fishersville on March 31, 1946. Even before that day, the operations at the army hospital that had opened in 1943 had started winding down.

Two men had visionary ideas of what to do with the huge and valuable complex. As they talked and merged their ideas, a unique plan was hatched that resulted in an amazing story of the biggest recycling project in the history of the region, one that would convert a portion of the property into use by the Augusta County public schools and turn the other part into a state-run rehabilitation facility. After some personal lobbying by Barnett, the plan was accepted by the War Assets Administration and that is how the present complex came to house public schools, the Vocational School (now the Valley Career and Technical Center), and the Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center (now the Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center).

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